Types of skydiving in India

Do you feel kinship with the Mountain Dew advertisements and wanna have a go at something genuinely striking? When it comes to extreme adventure sports, skydives are straight up there for only the hardcore enthusiasts. However, on the off chance that you don’t black out easly and dream of zooming through the open sky, adrenaline pumping through your heart then this is the correct time to finally try the ultimate experience of skydiving in India. Explore the Indian heaven destinations from the sky through this air-adventure activity. However, wait, which dive to pick?


When you finally decide to strap-on and dive, this information will very much useful for you.

Types Of Sky Dives

Skydiving has 3 major types dependent on the type of jump associated with the procedure. Here are the 3 types of sky dives that you can experience:

1. Tandem Jump

Types of skydiving in India

With its non-complex technique, Tandem Jump is most likely going to be the best decision for skydiving in India 2019. The most straightforward type of skydiving in India, here you are connected with an trainer by means of a harness. Both of you jump together utilizing a similar parachute and the trainer pulls the cord.Best of all, the whole experience will be recorded with the goal that you can re-live the thrill even after it is all finished, for the rest of your life.

Note: You need just minimal guidance before this jump.

2. Static Line Jump

In this skydive, you are connected with a rope to the aircraft. What’s more, the parachute opens automatically after around 3 seconds of freefall with no activity required by the traveler. If you are planning to attempt Static Line Jump, ensure you follow to all the security guidelines given to you.

Types of skydiving in India

Note: The jump is made from only 3000 feet and requires upto 6 hours of preparing.

3. Accelerated Free Fall

Not for the faint-hearted – this one is the genuine deal, where you jump with no connections and free fall. It is one of the most challenging experiences of skydiving in India.

Types of skydiving in India

Note: Obviously given the genuine idea of this skydive, it requires both classroom directions and practical training and is done from at least 13000 feet of height.

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