Things To Know about skydiving & Types of courses

The excitement that goes with an unaided or aided flight from the sky is worth attempting it. That fantasy of taking off high like a bird can be satisfied through skydiving. The last necessary advance in preparing you for the thrill bound experience is that we walk you through the essential Do’s and Don’ts of this extreme yet safe experience sport.


  • Focus on every single detail shared to you during the training session. So that you have a decent idea of the nitty-gritty of skydiving. While many of the organizers conduct a compulsory training session, by chance if you wish to fly solo, you can likewise enroll yourself in a well-equipped training facility.
  • Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the gear appropriately.
  • Check if the coach(trainer) is qualified with the essential certifications.
  • It is ideal to go for a skydive on a light meal – neither on an empty stomach nor on a full stomach. This is because the first-run thrill-seekers may feel sick.
  • Dress properly – gym shorts, a full-sleeves tight fit top, and tight-lacing shoes.  So the breeze doesn’t knock them off or the strings with metal pop on your fancy top do not make the fun ride a difficult one.
  • Acrophobics ought to avoid skydiving as it would not be a wonderful experience for them.
  • For any more questions, you can always ping your mates who have had the privilege of skydiving previously!


  • It is great to research things on the internet before you try out something new and challenging. For example, skydiving, however, do not pass by each word.
  • There will off course be negatives about everything, at that point there will be troubling stories. Online the trick isn’t to give yourself a chance to truly trust on each word. The operators take extraordinary consideration of the members’ safety so any shot of things set off in the opposite direction is extremely low
  • While the height of free fall is referenced to give you a rough idea of the thrill required here, don’t torment yourself by imagining the unimaginable about how huge the fall is on the grounds that is the place all the fun lies.
  • Throughout the fall, if panic grips you for a minute, relax, take a full breath. And recall the training class calmly and connect with the instructor quickly over the radio on the off chance that you are on a solo flight.
  • Confidence in every case great however does not allow yourself to be over Confident. And also don’t feel that the training isn’t required since you have seen enough skydiving recordings on YouTube.
  • Continuously go for the preparation before the jump. In conclusion, skydiving in itself is an adrenaline-pumping activity. Thus, don’t anticipate consuming alcohol in the hope to double the fun. We can guarantee you that you will enjoy it a lot and it would be a great fun.
  • Since you know when, where and hows of skydiving, get ready to spread out those wings and fly high!
  • Sky riders are one of the spots where one can learn and work on skydiving in India.

They have the following type of courses –

1) The First Jump Course

This is for those adventure lovers who are hoping to go beyond one jump and wish to learn more about skydiving in India. The course ranges for more than three days. In which those interested need to clear the Grade A and Grade B of parachute training. The interested is given according to the United States Parachute Association (USPA) rules and incorporates 8 hours of theory classes too. Taking all things together, there are three jumps, which will see you turning into an amateur skydiver. The expense of this package for 3 days is Rs 95,000.

2) The Solo Jump Course

As it is obvious from the name itself, any individual who wishes to accomplish a level of proficiency where he/she can jump solo can enroll for this course. The course duration is of 5-7 days. This course is preferably appropriate for the individuals who wish to take up skydiving in India as a career option. When somebody effectively finishes this course, they would be able to jump solo without an educator anywhere in the world at any of the United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved drop zones. The expense of the course is Rs 2,50,000/ –

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