JBL C100SI Review | The Best Budget Earphones for Bass Lovers


JBL is a well-established brand in the audio game. They are known for creating the best speakers like the JBL Flip Series. What’s more, they don’t disappoint when it comes to earphones. So let’s break down whether you should purchase the JBL C100SI or not?

JBL C100SI Review

Fabricated Quality

I’ve been testing these headphones throughout the previous one month and they’ve gone through some of the roughest circumstances and test. All the gadgets of JBL C100SI are housed in a hard plastic body. Which does not totally flush with your skull, so you shouldn’t try wearing them to sleep. Despite the fact that being the crazy and curious individual I’m, I tried sleeping with these earbuds and it was simply to much pressure on the ear. The silicon tips that JBL gives are delicate, however, you can’t wear them through a long 7-8 hour day (Fact: That’s the average amount of time I spend listening to Music consistently), sooner or later, your ear will start irritating. They have rubberized cables which aren’t tangled free.

They do have little protectors to shield the cables from tearing on the very beginning alongside an inline button(and microphone) to accept or end calls/play or pause your music. These weigh something about 11.36 grams.

You can get these earphones in three different colors: Black, White, and Red.

Accessories and Packaging

Rating: 7/10
These earphones are packed much like some other earphones, plastic box and nothing fancy. Inside the case, you additionally find a warranty manual and a user guide(that no one reads). You’ll also get two extra ear tips: little and large size(the medium-sized comes preinstalled).


Rating: 6/10
Mids sound is extraordinary. Due to the mid-bass bleed, the lower mids are warm and laid back. A little tunning later on the equalizer the lower mids sound much cleaner while as yet staying free of boxes or cruelty.


Rating: 7/10
Highs are bright and detailed. I never have seen any piercing or sibilance. Again the equalizer makes the highs little more detailed and brighter. Although piercing remains leveled out, yet sibilance comes into the image.

Sound Leaking

Rating: 8/10
Leaking sound isn’t an issue with these, I blast my volume to max on a plane and no co-traveler complained.

Sound Isolation

Rating: 9/10
In spite of their small size, sound isolation on these are truly great. Generally, I’m ready to hear all the distinctive sounds. They certainly don’t seem like a 90’s tape recorder where all the instruments sounds is a blend which sounds terrible.


Rating: 8/10
The bass is a magnificent balance between lacking base or an excess of base that you can’t hear the vocals. It hits the sweet spot(at least for me). Including an amplifier like Fiio improves performance, which heavy bass hitters will love.
But, I won’t recommend you push them as far as possible.


Rating: 9/10
The JBL C100SI is a generally amazing pair of headphones who love bass and they certainly are a bank for your buck at Rs. 799. All in all, I can say they are the best earphones I’ve ever listened to in the sub-1000 Rs. range.

Overall Rating: 9/10
What do you all think? Would you buy it? Tell me in the comments down below.

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